We dress up your product

Teknokit enhances technology to allow a global vision of the product down to the smallest detail and to allow efficient cooperation with the customer.
We dress up the product with all its components: we design your idea starting from the design, we develop the 3D prototype together with you and we support you in the realization of the mold and molding. Finally, we complete the work with custom screen printing.

Design & 3D Prototypes

Design is the perfect combination of beauty and functional quality, style and effectiveness: a technical-aesthetic ideal combined with respect for functionality and attention to support nature, even in the use of the materials selected.
Supported by sophisticated technology to make the 3D prototype of your product, you will be able to touch it already in the initial phase of the project.

Moulds & Moulding

Our team of experts carries out the project in close contact with the production partner and the customer, studying suitable solutions for every need. The molding of the product is carried out using the most modern and safe materials in order to guarantee the durability and reliability of the product: thermoplastic resins such as ABS, PC, PP, PE, PMMA.
Each production batch is checked and accompanied by quality control report.

Keypads & Products customization

The deep technical knowledge of DVS allows to have a complete vision of the product and to
create functional, perfectly integrated and highly reliable keyboards. The range of possible solutions
is wide and customizable both in terms of functionality and graphic design.


The product can finally be customized through different process like UV DIGITAL PRINTING, TAMPOGRAPHY, LASERING, SERIGRAPHY .