Compared to other types of keyboard, the capacitive keyboard offers a more extended range of possible features and greater freedom to customize the finishing, including anti-scratch and anti-glare options.
It also has the great advantage of being mechanical wear-free and ensure maximum cleanliness.


These keypads are particularly suitable for critical environmental conditions, like high humidity level and presence of dust or water, because they fully protect the printed circuit boards and its contacts.
The options regarding the desired type of key and adhesives and the finishing are customizable, in order to meet every customer’s need and request.


It is a silicone rubber keypad used to press a switch. It can also be directly applied to the PCB via conductive pads. Depending on its use, the finishing varies: it could be coating, laser engraving, screen-printing and roughness. It is also possible to manufacture transparent parts to allow the utilization of lights and backlights.